The ultimate goal of the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage is to reach the tomb of the Apostle Saint James the Great, located in the crypt of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Galicia, Spain. There are several routes pilgrims can take to get there. The Abbey of Sorde l'Abbaye is along the Tours Route.

The Tours Route

The Via Turonensis or Tours Route is one of four pilgrimage routes in France and is the northernmost route. Departing from Saint-Jacques Tower in Paris, it passes through the city of Tours, which already attracted a large number of visitors due to the pilgrimage of Saint Martin, an evangelist in 4th century Gaul. It crosses through the Pays d’Orthe & Arrigans region, and the village of Sorde l’Abbaye, whose abbey accommodated pilgrims.

Pilgrims in Pays d’Orthe

Hospitality for pilgrims has always been provided and organised by the villages along the pilgrimage route. The Pays d'Orthe & Arrigans region currently proposes several gites to accommodate pilgrims along their route: Cagnotte, St Cricq du Gave and Sorde l'Abbaye. The guided tour of the Abbey in Sorde l’Abbaye is free of charge for anyone who shows their official pilgrim’s passport or credentials.