Don’t miss out on the traditional market held every Wednesday in Peyrehorade!

Since its creation in 1358, the market in Peyrehorade has taken place at the town’s crossroads attracting the surrounding population. From Place du Sablot, formerly the traditional livestock market, all the way to Place Aristide Briand, there are over 100 stalls occupied by local produce farmers (vegetables, poultry), merchants, artisans, etc.

Visiting the market is also a chance to treat yourself – early risers can enjoy a hearty breakfast or snack as early as 7 am in the inns and restaurants. Try the local famous speciality of pigs’ feet!

Inside the covered market, you’ll find the marché au gras (duck and poultry produce) frequented by foodies looking for traditional produce and to meet farmers directly. The more experienced ones arrive as early as 8 am when the market opens to haggle produce prices.

This big weekly market is held every Wednesday morning. A smaller market takes place Saturday mornings.

Keen to encourage farmers who frequent the market, the town of Peyrehorade organises its traditional "concours au gras" competition every year before Christmas with fattened geese, ducks and foie gras.

Market in Pouillon

Come and meet local produce farmers while visiting the stalls at this food lovers’ market where there’s lots to choose from. Located along a busy road, this summer market is a delight for holidaymakers or vacationers looking for local delicacies. 

Along boulevard des sports, May - October, every Friday 5 - 8 pm.

Market in Habas

The first market in Habas dates back to 1654. The cattle market, well-known even outside of this French department, attracted hundreds and hundreds of people in the Fifties. In 2015, travelling merchants from neighbouring towns decided to revive this traditional market and set up their stalls in Habas every Friday morning. 

In front of church, - year-round, Fridays mornings