Essentiel part of way of life "à la landaise", each village vibrates once a year to the rhythm of the feast days. The "festayres" enjoy taurine shows, friendly meals and musical entertainment with family or friends...


24 villages in Pays Orthe Arrigans = 24 feasts





What's this music?

This music is "bandas"! Specific to Southwestern, "bandas" (predominantly brass bands) play at local fêtes and cultural events in the villages. These small musical ensembles parade through the streets playing their popular and festive music songs. Great fun for everyone !

Bandas of Pays Orthe Arrigans : Los Campesinos (Pouillon), Los Gatchos and Los Bombanceros (Peyrehorade), Los Clarineros (Mimbaste), Clique d'Estibeaux, Lyre Habassaise (Habas), Dalton's (Labatut).




The "festayre" dress

Usually, the festayre is dressed in white and red. But, there is no dress required to enjoy the party. Il some people tell you that the red scarf is obligatory, the villages of Peyrehorade and Gaâs have bet on other colors : green for Peyrehorade and blue for Gaâs.

The "course landaise", a sport, an heritage, a show

The "course landaise" (where trained "écarteurs" dodge and leap over steer) is a regionally renowned sport, a part of our cultural heritage and a living tradition firmly rooted in modern times. It's also quite often the main event at village festivals. Something you should definitely miss ! Meet in the beautiful "arènes" of Tilh, Estibeaux, Pouillon, Mouscardès to admire the "coursières" (cows) "écarteurs" and "sauteurs". Also, the villages of Ossages, Habas and Peyrehorade propose this show during their feasts.

Other animations

Pelote basque

A very popular sport in the Landes, especially in Pays Orthe Arrigans, pelote basque (Basque pelota) is played in many villages, where most have a fronton or an open square. Feel free to have a sit and admire the "pelotaris" during a game. Summer events are also an chance to try out this local sport that is played worldwide around. 

The stilts

Endemic to the Landes' tradition, stilt-walkers are part of traditional customs during summer cultural entertainment. During the summer, shows, parades, and introductory courses, groups of stilt-walkers dance and share their hobby with spectators.


Nine-pin bowling

In the « quilliers » (bowling areas) , this typically French Southwestern sport is still played today, where skill and strategy are required. Come give it a try during your holiday. 

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